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10 Amazing Social Listening & Analytics APIs For Developers

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  • 10 Amazing Social Listening & Analytics APIs For Developers

Social media platforms have increasingly grown popular in the last couple of years. Today, they have become the primary mode through which businesses promote their products and services and connect with their customers. The aim is to boost their brand.

The reputation of your brand can either kill or boost your business. Everything revolves around how effectively you can promote your business on social media platforms. You can amplify the image of your brand by spreading good words on social media platforms.

In addition, you can maintain a successful business and generate profits depending on how you interact with your customers on social media platforms. However, what can you use to track and listen to customers on social media?

social listening and analytics

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It would make no sense for you to spend a lot of time on social media platforms without a way of tracking your customers and what they are talking about. Fortunately, there are many social listening and analytics APIs you can use to boost conversions, offer services and support, share content, and improve your brand awareness.

This is where social listening and analytics APIs for developers come in. But before discussing these APIs…

Introduction to Social Listening

Social listening is a technique that allows businesses to deep dive into or understand their brand mentions on different social media platforms. It covers everything that you might need as a marketer, including things like understanding the requirements of your brand and trends.

Social listening APIs are used when collecting and analyzing data for businesses. They can also be used to collect data for competitors. Businesses and marketers can track, monitor, and analyze social media platforms for mentions and conversations.

This is important in helping them understand the actions they need to take. Using direct feedback, direct messages, tags, and relevant keywords, businesses can see their brand mentions and work on them seamlessly. Some of the best social listening and analytics APIs can be found on Rapid, the world’s largest API hub.

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Social media listening is not the same as social media tracking. While social listening allows businesses to access everything about a topic, market, or brand in a bid to improve their strategies, social media tracking allows them to track social media platforms for messages and comments to ensure that they are all responded to.

What is an API?

An API (Applications Programming Interface) is a programming interface that allows applications to communicate and share data. APIs dictate the data that is sent, how it is sent, and the data formats and conventions used.

Now that we know what social listening and APIs are, let us discuss some of the most amazing social listening and analytics APIs for developers. They include;

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Mention API

Mention is a REST API that comes with different clients. These include the web client (or web app used on browsers), Android, and iOS applications. A client can be defined as a program that consumes an API, using its returned data and endpoints.

The Mention API combines both social management and listening. It is designed to help developers who want to boost their online presence while at the same time monitoring things like keywords, products, competitors, and brand mentions.

It also offers monitoring functionalities, ensuring that developers will be able to generate analytics and review the performance of their markets. This is one of the best APIs for developers who run extensive media monitoring.

The Mention API is not used for just searching social media platforms for the coverage a company gets. It can also be used for delivering trends while at the same time examining your customers and how they engage with your content.

You can also use this API to research your audience and analyze conversations. These insights are very important for businesses that sell on social media platforms.

The Mention API supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, and the web.

Sprout Social API

The Sprout Social API can be used for both publishing and listening on social media platforms. It allows developers to implement features that can be used to keep tabs on trends, audiences, and their industries in general.

The publishing features allow developers to make decisions quickly based on their findings and monitor the engagement of their users on the go. The API can be used to track and analyze all conversations that revolve around your business and brand.

You can even use this API to track your competitors and the industry at large. This is market research and provides you with valuable audience and market insights. This is one of the best ways to increase sales using social media.

The Sprout Social API is also one of the best APIs for those who want to improve their message workflow. You can use the API to combine all your profiles and respond to messages from a single platform.

The Sprout Social API supports LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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Awario API

Are you a developer looking for an API that allows you to add social media monitoring data to your application or website? Do you want to integrate your business’s mentions into product pages, testimonials, or customer reviews and have them updated whenever you want?

Then Awario API is one of the best social listening and analytics APIs for you. This API allows you to incorporate social media analytics and monitoring data into your applications easily. You can also add social listening data into visualization platforms and reports to make it easy for you to get to know your audiences.

The Awario API comes with a feature that allows developers to export brand advocates and potential customers from social media platforms into an external document. You can also monitor influencers and leads automatically for review.

The API ensures that social media mentions are delivered to your inbox in real time. You can also filter mentions and conversations by source, author, reach, country, and language.

Awario API supports Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, forums, blogs, news, and the web.

Mentionlytics API

Mentionlytics API is one of the most powerful social listening, monitoring, analytics, publishing, and scheduling APIs for developers today. It comes with a brand analysis kit that allows developers to find relevant keywords and reveal sales and marketing leads.

It uses some of the most intelligent algorithms compared to most APIs in this article for data analysis. The API comes with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) advisor that provides clues regarding your mentions.

Using this API, you will get recommendations for hashtags that can perform well if used in your ad campaigns, insights into successful content, and people who publish negative content about your company. This is important information that can be used to improve your marketing strategies.

Apart from listening and analytics features that come with the Mentionlytics API, you also get scheduling and publishing features. You can use the API to manage content calendars and the social media platforms you would like to share content on.

The Mentionlytics API supports Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and the web.

Agorapulse API

Agorapulse API offers solid social listening and monitoring features. It is among the very few social listening APIs that use the Boolean search mode. Developers can set up searches to ensure that they get laser-sharp results, no matter the name of their brand.

In addition, they can use this search to identify influencers and trending topics as well as provide customer support in real-time. Integrating the API into your applications allows you to combine your social media profiles into a single platform.

Here, you get to see all social media mentions that are relevant to your brand. It will also identify conversations that relate to your brand. You can join these conversations from your platform without having to visit a particular social media platform.

You can also assign conversations to your employees or workmates and react or respond to messages immediately after they are sent. This is one of the best APIs for large teams due to its collaboration features. It allows you to delegate social media tasks easily.

The Agorapulse API supports LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Keyhole API

Primarily, the Keyhole API can be used to track hashtags and measure how effective your social media marketing strategy is. It delivers insights driven by data collected from your social media platforms. You can also use this API to monitor mentions on your accounts.

The Keyhole API uses ML (Machine Learning) to ensure that you get accurate marketing performance predictions. It also offers intelligence insights into your competitors, uncovers influencers and trends to amplify your brand, and provides sentiment analysis.

It uses social monitoring to provide all this data. It is among the best APIs for the analysis and collection of data. You can use this data to track your campaigns. Apart from performance analytics, you also get user-friendly reporting for your social media activities.

Apart from social listening, analytics, influencer marketing, and campaign tracking, you can also use the Keyhole API to plan, schedule, edit, and share content. This can be done from a single dashboard. The API is one of the best for marketers.

The Keyhole API supports YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

BrandMentions API

One of the most important things when it comes to social listening APIs is brand mentions. Just like the name of this API, it is one of the best APIs for developers who want to monitor the mentions of their brands. You can find all the important mentions and collect the data that you need for the growth of your business.

Using the BrandMentions API, developers can build a platform that allows marketers to create a relationship with influencers and their customers. They can also obtain insights from their social media activities to help improve their marketing strategies.

You can use the API to not only acquire but also retain customers and then create services or products depending on the desires and interests of your customers. The BrandMentions API is one of the best APIs for those who want to protect the reputation of their brands.

This API can be used to monitor different social media platforms in real-time and gain sentiment analysis. You can also analyze the strategies used by your competitors to ensure that you are always ahead of them. This is one of the best APIs for those who want to analyze every bit of social media to find brand mentions.

The BrandMentions API supports LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit, and the web.

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Brand24 API

Brand24 is a common social listening API that can be used to catch and track your mentions or those of your company or competitors. Using this API, developers can integrate functionalities into their systems that allow them to not only monitor mentions but also engage with their audiences easily.

It comes with sentiment analysis that provides a clear understanding of the preferences of customers, what they think about your services or products, and how you can improve your marketing strategies.

You can also use Brand24 API to find the best influencers in your industry. It comes with a functionality known as Influence Score that calculates the influence score of all participants in your conversations. You can use this feature to find the best influencers to work with.

In addition, you can track hashtags on social media platforms. You can monitor ad campaigns and contests and get insights into how to use the results for your brand awareness. All results can be downloaded for further analysis.

The Brand24 API supports Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, forums, and blogs, among others.

Talkwalker REST API

The Talkwalker API allows developers to integrate social media data and online media into data warehouses, databases, and media monitoring tools. This includes blog articles, social media posts, message boards, comments, and mentions, among others.

It tracks all online, TV/radio, and print content related to your brand. Apart from tracking the mentions of your keywords, campaigns, products, and brand, it is also the only API that monitors how your business logo is used online.

It also provides historical and real-time data that shows you how your business products fair on social media platforms and helps you make better marketing decisions. It comes with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) engine that is used to uncover any hidden mentions about your business.

This makes it possible for users to monitor the reputation of their businesses online, make informed marketing and content creation decisions, and manage comments and discussions seamlessly.

Talkwalker REST API supports Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr, blogs, and Facebook, among others.

Meltwater’s API

The Meltwater API for social listening is a powerful tool tailored for in-depth social media analytics. Designed with a focus on social listening, this API seamlessly integrates with popular social media monitoring tools, ensuring connectivity with platforms such as Tableau, Microsoft BI, and Domo. Whether you seek to visualize social data through customizable command centre dashboards or enhance analytics with real-time insights, it offers a solution that aligns with your specific KPI reporting needs.

Empowered by smart AI crawling, it can also track millions of social media data sets every hour, tapping into the world’s largest repository of news and social media sources. With 1.3 trillion media documents sourced from 10 million content outlets in 17 NLP languages, you can harness a truly global perspective to extract maximum insights from your data.

Wrapping Up social listening and analytics

Social listening and analytics are important in helping developers and businesses to understand the conversations around their products, services, and brands. It also helps them get valuable data that they need to gauge and improve the performance of their businesses.

However, getting this data requires the use of social listening and analytics APIs and tools. Since there are many tools built for this, developers and businesses need to ensure that they have chosen the right ones.

According to Statista, 4.59 billion people were using social media in the world in 2022. This number is expected to grow to 5.85 billion by 2027. Businesses need to use the tools and APIs discussed above to leverage the power that comes with social media platforms.

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