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Examples of Social Media Brands Best Advertising

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Social media promotion isn’t an easy process. However, if you know how to use it correctly, you can significantly increase your brand’s recognition. Research confirms that about 82% of companies have their pages on at least one social network. Want motivation for action? So, this article compiles examples of global brands’ best social media advertising campaigns to boost your inspiration. And if you’re still wondering why businesses need social media, this material is definitely for you.

Why Do Businesses Need Social Networks

Social Media Brands

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Traditional marketing methods such as advertising or e-mailing are gradually losing their effectiveness. Under such conditions, companies are looking for new ways to attract an audience and increase their customer base. And social media became one of these tools. As a result, they radically changed how brands address and build personal and business relationships.

Thus, it’s safe to say that the emergence of social platforms has dramatically impacted society. So what is the secret to a company’s successful social media positioning? Some may mistakenly think surrounding themselves with the latest technology and tools will be enough. That’s not enough. And you still need to figure out how to use them to:

✔️ Make your personal and company brand more visible;

✔️ Create and develop networks of personal and professional acquaintances;

✔️ Build relationships with clients and opinion leaders;

✔️ Cooperate with influencers that promote your product;

✔️ Interact with your audience in a two-way fashion;

✔️ Publish and distribute original content that demonstrates your professionalism and expertise;

✔️ Share links to relevant information that customers find helpful;

✔️ Connect with your subscribers and the people who support your brand;

✔️ Generate new leads and increase sales.

Suppose you find the above explanation insufficient or incomplete. In that case, you can order a paper on that topic at Best Essays Education and get the amount of information you need to understand the importance of social media in the life of any business. In the meantime, we move on to the main topic of our article: successful social media advertising campaigns by well-known brands.

Brands’ Strategies to Consider in Your Social Media Promotion

Social Media Brands - Examples of Social Media Brands Best Advertising - 1

URL: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2015/04/01/20/05/cookies-702931_960_720.jpg

Social marketing is changing as well as consumers, which expect brands to solve their problems quickly, make exciting posts, and engage in unusual ways. With all this in mind, how to develop an SMM strategy that meets your goals while meeting customers’ needs? Below are brands that have managed to build a successful social media presence. Of course, these companies have massive marketing budgets, but you can take a few ideas and try to implement them within your means. For instance, customer support using different helpdesk solutions that can allow clients to get vivid response about the problem if they cope with it.


This brand is known for memorable social media campaigns. And it’s mainly about stunning videos you watch until the end. And now, we’ll give you an example of two influential OREO ad campaigns that once blew up the media space.

  • Can you remember the Wonderfilled ad campaign with small videos telling the audience that the world is beautiful and delicious cookies should be shared? Each video is targeted at a different audience with a specific theme, but many want to share on social media.
  • Another collection of videos was created as part of the Snack Hacks campaign. A peculiar video instruction, not more than 10 seconds long, contains funny tips on how else you can use Oreo cookies besides soaking them in a glass of milk.

What you can learn: If you don’t have a big marketing budget, use apps like Vine to create short videos and show your products or services in all their glory. Don’t forget to share your creations on all available social media platforms. It won’t be long before your users eagerly await your new work.

Red Bull

Social Media Brands - Examples of Social Media Brands Best Advertising - 2


It has been considered the most popular energy drink since 2012 after selling 5.2 billion cans. And it’s not only due to the fantastic taste and energy boost but a considerable share of the brand’s activity on social networks. If anyone has a clear image of their customers, it’s Red Bull again. The brand’s website shows athletes, race car drivers, and people looking for a thrill. Here are just a few of the company’s social media marketing tactics:

  • Facebook. Users can find out about the brand’s interesting events or play one of the exciting games.
  • Red Bull TV. Get up close and personal with the adventurous characters in the videos and ride on the surf, slide down the mountain or go through the obstacle course on the bike.
  • Bet on the extreme, which is the primary strategy of the brand. Red Bull creates a fantastic sense that if users consume the company’s energy drink, they will become part of something bigger.

What you can learn: You must understand your target audience to be effective, as Red Bull does. Understand who you’re creating your content for. Take the time to get to know your customers better, and you’ll find it easier to succeed on social media. When you write your posts, always check them for plagiarism on Trust My Paper so your brand voice is unique and unlike others.


ADT uses social media to get the word about its relatively new products. Earlier it was just a security systems company. Now you can use the brand’s products to control your home heating and ventilation systems, get text alerts when your kids come home from school, and even open the front door for your housekeeper right from your smartphone without leaving your desk.

ADT continues to develop technology and offer consumers more products and services, and social media allows the brand to spread the word about the latest changes. And to keep users interested, the company adds humor to stories about its products.

  • Pinterest. You can find any collection of images of interest, from crime statistics to cleaning tips.
  • Facebook. The page lets users tell their stories of how ADT products have helped them.
  • YouTube. Here the brand posts videos where celebrities show how they use ADT Pulse products in their homes.

What you can learn: If you’re expanding your company’s reach, social media can be an effective way to showcase your products in a new light. Use humor and ease of presentation. Regardless of your industry, you can engage users around your brand. ADT is a prime example of it.

Cable TV.com

It’s a popular online source for cable TV information, discounts on cable operators, and the latest celebrity news. In addition, the company uses social media to learn more about its customers and provide them with the needed content.

  • Facebook. Here users can find links to interesting articles and short interviews with some of the TV stars under discussion, as well as opinions and questions.
  • Google+. It’s vivid proof that it is possible to behave in a non-serious manner on this social network. For example, there are posts where the brand asks questions and offers to find answers by clicking on a link. But, of course, the link leads directly to the company’s blog.
  • Hashtags. It exemplifies the proper use of hashtags. There aren’t too many in posts, but they are used if needed.

What you can learn: It would help to use surveys and ask open-ended questions to learn more about your consumers. Then, publish fresh content based on users’ interests to keep them returning to your communities repeatedly.


Social Media Brands - Examples of Social Media Brands Best Advertising - 3

URL: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2018/05/14/12/18/airbnb-3399753_960_720.jpg

It helps people worldwide rent their apartments or houses to travelers. Airbnb is a huge success, not only because it fills this niche in the travel lodging industry but also because of social media. Through its communities on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the brand gives travelers advice and asks questions encouraging them to join the conversation.

  • Stories. What’s particularly impressive about the company’s SMM strategy, the brand uses all of its platforms to get users to share their stories.

What you can learn: Your current customers are your best source of advertising. They can tell the world about your products or services. Set up your social platforms so they can do that.

Turbo Tax

This company develops software for quick and easy tax counting, keeping up with the times, and using social media. It maintains communities on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube. As you can imagine, the company deals with unpleasant things (taxes and fees), so disgruntled customers often take to social media to vent their anger.

  • Turbo Tax doesn’t ignore the negativity, processing every customer’s feedback. Thus, in such a way, it maintains high credibility among users.

What you can learn: When you get negative comments, please don’t ignore them. Instead, resolve issues so people know you are serious about customer service.


To keep the price of furniture low, the thrifty Swedes didn’t spend large budgets on advertising. Instead, they promoted their products naturally: after launching a new store in Malmo, the company opened a Facebook page where they posted photos of products. The first person who had time to check the image won. Although the contest included only 12 items, the page was flooded with a wave of comments and reposts with requests to extend the campaign. Greed is truly the driving force behind advertising.

What you can learn: Study the psychology of influencing consumers and use it to your advantage.

P.S. And here, we cannot help but mention that you can find the most luxurious IKEA stores in Australia. Sydney holds the record for its number, where there are 3. So, if you’re on a business trip and looking for rental properties in Sydney (suppose you stay in the city for a few days), visit at least one of the IKEA stores.


Perhaps the most surprising was the campaign to develop a new flavor for Lay’s chips – Do Us a Flavor. The brand offered social media users to mix flavors from three ingredients. The most exciting variant was promised to go on sale, and its developer got $1 million, which is quite a modest bonus considering the company’s income. Nevertheless, the promotion gathered over 4,500 reposts in two months, and the new chip flavor was on everyone’s radar before the sales launch.

What you can learn: Create an exciting competition for your audience and an equally exciting reward for the winner. In short, if you want quick results, incorporate the crowdfunding method into your strategy.

A.1. Sauce

When the sauce maker decided to rename the brand from A.1. Steak Sauce to A.1. Sauce, it warned its audience about the change well in advance. What’s interesting is exactly how it did it. First, the company released a video explaining the reasons for the rebranding and the sauce’s delicious combinations with many dishes. In just two weeks, the video gathered about 100,000 views.

What you can learn: If you create such a successful viral ad, people’s recognition and love are guaranteed. Moreover, such advertising is one step toward building a solid relationship with your audience.


Ask the public if your marketers are at a loss and can’t develop a name for a fresh product. That’s what Sony’s management thought, asking social media users to create a name for their new brainchild: wireless headphones. For about two weeks, the marketing department collected about 1500 extravagant names. And the winning name was Audio Balls.

What you can learn: Always ask your audience’s opinion because people love when somebody is interested in their opinion.

Of course, it’s not the entire list of famous brands that are very good on social media with promotion and audience engagement. And if you want to learn more examples of advertising campaigns, then hire an essay writer who will do excellent research for you. And all you have to do is to use the methods and techniques you like in practice to promote your own business.

The Basics of Business Promotion in Social Media

Social Media Brands - Examples of Social Media Brands Best Advertising - 4

URL: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2015/01/27/20/40/laptop-614213_960_720.jpg

Thus, given the above, your social media marketing strategy should have a solid theoretical foundation. But, unfortunately, as brutal as it sounds, your pages are doomed to become worthless content without a laid-out path to success.

???? Create and design your pages. The more helpful information you post, the better. Fill out the “About” sections, provide the address, add photos, create attractive page headers, and customize the URL. Creating and view private Instagram profiles is also essential. Branding social media is not time-consuming but increases the company’s memorability.

????Set a goal. Keeping your goals in mind helps you develop a more detailed strategy, each step bringing you closer to the result.

???? Choose a platform. Your promotion strategy depends on the platform you choose.

???? Develop a page update schedule. Make it a habit to update your pages regularly. Your update schedule should run like clockwork. Unfortunately, audiences don’t forgive abandoned accounts.

???? Build a community of subscribers. To settle in and make a name for yourself on a new platform, you need the support of those who trust you. So ask your customers to subscribe to your pages, like your posts, and share your content.

Social media presence of brands

Talking about the potential of social networks for developing and promoting your business can take a long time. So it is always better to be guided by facts and evidence, of which you’ll have plenty after reading this article. And if, for some reason, your brand is not yet represented online, now is the time to fix that.


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