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12 Strategies to Promote Facebook Live Events to Drive Engagements and Conversion

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  • 12 Strategies to Promote Facebook Live Events to Drive Engagements and Conversion

Facebook live events are a great way to engage the target audience, show the value your brand can deliver, and get more users to convert and use your business products or services. Data shows that Facebook has over 3 billion monthly users.

Tapping into that audience with your Facebook live events can significantly influence your brand growth. This article shares strategies you can use to promote your Facebook Live events, drive more target prospects to your event, and grow your engagement with your brand and conversions.

Types of events to promote on Facebook

  • Special sales promotions
  • Webinars and podcasts
  • Business conferences
  • Product launches
  • Community events

How to Promote Events on Facebook

Create a Facebook page for the event

To start, give your event page a great title and description of what your event is all about. Highlight the essential elements of your live event like your guest speakers, your pricing, the day and time the event will be live, and the event cover photo.

Add all the relevant details your target audience could need and make sure they are accurate. For example, your contact details. Your event page should have a clear call to action. Keep showing the audience the actions you want them to take during the live event. See this example below.

Promote Facebook Live Events

Source: Facebook

Don’t forget to use keywords in tags in your page description. It will make it easy for Facebook to suggest your event to other users based on the keywords you have included in the description. Choose the right category for your event to make it easy to appear in the relevant Facebook searches for live events.

Share your event on your email campaigns

You can engage your email subscribers and get them to know about your live event. Share the details of your event and link to the registration page so they can register in advance. You can request your subscribers to share the email with their friends to bring more awareness to the live event. This is what Shanzzay Asim-Haider, Digital marketing, EvolveDash says about using email marketing to promote Facebook events:

One effective strategy to promote Facebook live events is to leverage email marketing. I send out targeted emails to my subscriber list announcing upcoming live events and highlighting the benefits of attending, such as exclusive discounts or product giveaways.

I also include engaging content snippets or teasers to generate excitement. By directing recipients to the event page on Facebook, I drive traffic and increase event attendance.

This strategy has significantly increased engagement and conversion rates, with event attendees showing a higher likelihood to make purchases during or after the live event. I saw a notable increase in event attendance by an average of 30%.

Personalizing your email is essential for better results with your email marketing strategy. Many people check their email multiple times a day and that increases the engagement rate for marketing your event.

Promote Facebook Live Events - 12 Strategies to Promote Facebook Live Events to Drive Engagements and Conversion - 1

Source: Zerobounce

See this other research by the same brand.

Promote Facebook Live Events - 12 Strategies to Promote Facebook Live Events to Drive Engagements and Conversion - 2

Source: Zerobounce

In addition to using email marketing use other channels like your website, social media channels, communities, and forums to drive more attendees to the event.

Use Facebook ads to drive traffic to the event page

Since you understand your target audience’s pains, create ads that target those pains your brand will solve through the Facebook live events your business will host.

Ensure your Facebook ads are compelling and capture prospects’ challenges to build their curiosity and interest to attend your live events. You can create carousal ads and feature different images or video content about your business and ones that relate to the event to attract more prospects to it.

Run remarketing ads to engage prospects who were interested in the brand but didn’t engage. Set geotargeting to reach smartphone users through video ads when running the event to drive more visibility.

Optimize the page with the right keywords

Use the cover page that captures user attention. Create content on your website promoting the event. Use the right keywords the target audience uses in their search for content on social media and through search engines.

Have a great copy of your event description and include relevant keywords to attract more audience to your live event. You can also create a dedicated Facebook group to help promote the event. Open the group and allow people to share, comment, and engage to get insights about your group.

Share events behind the scenes

To drive event curiosity and give sneak peeks of what attendees can expect during the live event give them insights on how you prepare the events and their expectations. You also prepare them for the actual live events and prepare them to get the value you offer to solve their pains.

It’s important to ask your audience questions and check in with them during the Live event, it can be simple, such as “Where is everyone from, shout out in the group chat” or “What is everyone looking forward to right now, one word in the group chat”…”. You should make it easy for your audience to connect with you during the event via any digital channel be it Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or offer a conference line for them via Five9 alternatives to dial into if FB Live is not working for them.

Opening the curtain to let prospects see what happens behind the scenes makes them feel they are part of the brand and motivates them to build more trust.

Co-host the event with influencers

Search for influencers who understand your market and know more about the market niche. Leverage their large following and partner with them to market your event to get potential customers to attend it. Here is what Julia says about using influencer marketing for their Facebook live events:

We recently promoted a Facebook Live event titled “Mastering WordPress: Tips from the Pros.” This event featured renowned WordPress experts discussing advanced techniques and strategies for optimizing WordPress websites.

We utilized a multi-channel approach, including targeted Facebook ads, email marketing to our subscriber list, and organic social media posts. We partnered with influencers in our niche to create buzz around the event. The campaign resulted in a significant increase in engagement and conversions. We saw a 40% increase in event registrations compared to our previous events. Additionally, our Facebook page experienced a 25% increase in followers during the campaign period. Overall, the campaign was a great success, showcasing our expertise in WordPress hosting and driving engagement with our target audience. ( Julia Lozanov, Chief Editor at Verpex)

Encourage early event registration with a discount

You can also use teaser content countdowns and interactive Q&A sessions to drive target user curiosity and excitement for the event and drive more attendees to register, an effective alternative to Eventbrite. See how Sophia Tang of Nakocos used this strategy to drive more engagement and conversions from their live events:

Keeping the audience engaged during the event is crucial for conversion. We incorporate interactive elements like live Q&A sessions, product demonstrations, and exclusive offers for attendees. This strategy not only maintains viewer interest but also drives immediate action. During our live Q&A about skincare routines, we offered a time-limited discount on featured products, resulting in a 25% conversion rate during the event.

This is what Andrew also says about early event promotion:

Event Scheduling: Schedule your Facebook Live event in advance. This allows potential attendees to plan their participation. It also registers the event on Facebook’s event calendar, increasing its visibility.

Pre-Event Promotion: A key element is promoting the event ahead of time. Accomplish this through regular posts on your Facebook page and other social media platforms, email newsletters, and website updates. A countdown to the event can create anticipation and increase engagement. ( Andrew, CEO of Formen Makeup)

Use visuals to capture attention like videos and images

Create high-quality content that delivers value to the target user and includes visuals that show prospects more about your event and what they will gain from it to solve their pains. Use storytelling to evoke the target user’s emotions and connect with them.

Tell users the theme of the event and its purpose and gain their interest in your live event. You can use interactive content like quizzes and contests to keep users engaged. Such content enhances the visibility of your events and keeps target users interested and engaging more with the business.

Encourage users to share their user-generated content about your brand and the solutions they have attained from using your brand services or products. The positive experiences of past customers will attract other users who want to get the same results.

Have an effective follow-up plan for the events

Many of the target audience will not convert and purchase from your brand event after seeing the value you deliver through the live events. You should have a follow-up strategy to keep engaging them and show them the value they will get once they purchase and use your products. After the event, you can create short videos to keep users engaged.

Share the video and other content on social media platforms, your website, and email marketing. It can also help engage other people who didn’t attend the live events and get them to know more about your brand.

You can also ask for feedback about the event to get tips on improving your events. Also, encourage attendees to share snippets and links to the event with their friends and family.

Use other promotion methods outside of Facebook

You want to drive awareness of your event to as many people and get them to engage with your business. You can reach out to more attendees through ads on sites like Instagram and X. Then add your event promotion page or link to it in your ads so prospects can click through it and register for the event.

You can record a short promo video and share it on your YouTube channel. Share the link to the registration form on forums and communities on sites like Linkedin and Superpath. The more people see your event the higher the number of people who will attend, engage, and even convert to become customers.

Create a sense of urgency

Prospects don’t like to miss out on important things and will be keen to get the first opportunity that will help them. For instance, offer time-limited discounts. Many target audiences will not wait for the discounts to expire and will act to get tickets for the events on time or any other discounts related to the event. You can also integrate the platforms where users can purchase the tickets for the event with your Facebook to make it easy for them to buy and register for the events.

Share testimonials and success for previous events

For prospects to trust you and engage with your live events, you can give them tips and success from the previous events you have run on Facebook. It will strengthen the trust in your brand as they can see more people who love and convert to the events through which you promote your events. Share testimonials from past customers, and attendees’ experiences. It will help build trust and get more users to trust what you offer and want to get more results from your live events.

Using Strategies to Promote Facebook Live Events

Leveraging Facebook live events can help drive more target customers to your brand, and get them to engage and convert to customers. Since people engage more with visuals and video content, Facebook live events have a high chance of driving more conversions for your products or services.

If you’re running a Facebook live event, take advantage of these promotion strategies to reach more target customers, get them to know your brand and the value you deliver, and keep converting more leads to customers for your business.

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